Keep your home cooler when the sun cranks up with a foil radiant barrier from Texas Home Insulation.

Attics heat up when the sun’s radiant energy heats shingles. That heat is transferred by conduction through roofing materials to the interior attic space and living areas underneath. A foil radiant barrier, however, curbs attic temperatures and decreases cooling costs by reducing heat transfer.

Foil Radiant Barrier Installation

At Texas Home Insulation, our highly trained technicians can install a foil radiant barrier in your home in a few hours. Stapled to rafters, installation is clean, simple and hassle free.

A foil radiant barrier is highly productive in warmer southern states like Texas. This method works to keep the entire attic space cooler, and it blocks radiant heat from hitting ductwork and air handlers located in the attic. 

Also, a foil radiant barrier can reduce the stress on cooling equipment in the attic, as air leaked into the return side of the ductwork is at a lower temperature.

foil radiant barrier insulation


Make your home more energy efficient with a foil radiant barrier from Texas Home Insulation. Owned by Texans with military roots, we are dedicated to offering the highest levels of customer service at an affordable price.

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Flame Retardant

Different insulations are made from fundamentally unique materials, and not all insulations with the same thermal resistance value perform equally. Offering superior performance and a long lifespan at an affordable price, blown-in cellulose insulation is a top home insulation choice.

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The Big Burn

"The Big Burn Demonstration" shows that fire-treated cellulose insulation can provide over 50% more fire resistance than traditional fiberglass insulation.

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