Elemental intrusion can destroy, damage or contaminate insulation in your home. Maintain your home’s energy efficiency and eliminate possible health concerns with insulation removal services from Texas Home Insulation.

The key way to curb energy usage is high-quality insulation, which works to retain heat in cold weather and reject heat in warm seasons. Existing insulation can become less effective for a myriad of reasons, including natural settlement and contact with insects and water. Wet insulation can harbor mold and mildew, which can negatively impact the health of your family and friends.

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Safe Insulation Removal Services

At Texas Home Insulation, we have a team of gifted technicians who specialize in safe insulation removal. They can evaluate the condition of existing insulation, determine the best removal method and suggest the best replacement solution. We can prepare insurance bids with most major insurance companies to resolve your insulation issues quickly and efficiently. Removing and replacing old or damaged insulation can help improve indoor air quality and cut energy bills.

When removing insulation, many different scenarios can arise. Depend on the experts at Texas Home Insulation to safely remove impacted insulation efficiently.

For more information about insulation removal services, contact Texas Home Insulation.

Additional Details

  • We remove blown-in or loose-fill insulation using a hose and vacuum. 
  • Suction draws affected insulation into large bags for disposal. 
  • Our specialists don protective clothing and use a utility knife to remove batt or blanketed insulation. 
  • The impacted insulation is then disposed in heavy-duty trash bags.

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